Freestyle + Open

Freestyle + Open


* The Pre-Registration gets swag bag that includes a limited edition t-shirt you won't be able to get at the event. Registration for Freestyle is limited to the first 40 players to sign up. There is no On-Site registration*

Freestyle Changes
  This year we are changing our Freestyle competition. Every player participating in Freestyle will be competing in a head-to-head match. The 8 invited players will be competing throughout the tournament.


•  Players will compete in a head to head bracket style competition until there is only one MKO Freestyle Champion. 
 • Each player will either have a BROWN or BLUE Bandana on them.
 • The player with the BROWN Bandana always starts.
 • Each player gets 2 X 45-second runs to show off their freestyle skills.

 The Judging:

• Creativity : How creatively did the player flow the tricks one into another? Did they have their own style? Did they use the whole stage or just stand in one spot? Did they do a trick you've never seen before?
• Consistency : How many times did the player miss the spike? Did they just spike one long combo during their entire routine or did they land 10 different spikes on tricks in a row without missing a spike? Anyone can do a flow line but it takes a true champ to cleanly land everything with a spike.
• Difficulty:  How hard were the tricks the players were trying?

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