* The Pre-Registration gets swag bag that includes a limited edition t-shirt you won't be able to get at the event There is no On-Site registration for Open*


Open is a Head-To-Head style competition.

Players will compete using a set list of tricks (releasing mid September)

Players select who goes first with Rock Paper Scissors

The first player chooses a trick from the deck, and tries to land it.
The second player now attempts the same trick

- If the first player lands the trick, and the second misses, the first player gets the point

- If the first player misses and the second player lands, the second player gets the point

- If both players land the trick play continues until someone misses the trick or both players have had 3 attempts
- If both players miss the trick play continues until someone lands the trick or both players have had 3 attempts

- If after a set of misses, player 1 lands the trick, player 2 has the opportunity for rebuttal
Once a player scores a point, or each player has attempted a trick 3 time, the next player draws a new trick from the deck. 
The first player to 3 points wins the match and moves forward. 

During the final round, players compete to 5 points 

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