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North America's Largest Kendama Competition

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Minnesota Kendama Open 2018

The countdown to MKO 2018 has started! Sweets Kendamas is so proud to be hosting  The 6th Annual Minnesota Kendama Open, the largest Kendama competition in North America. MKO will be October 26, 27 and 28 at 2 venues, the first 2 days will be held at The Double Tree Bloomington & South Minneapolis, and the last day, the finals, will be held at the Mall of America Rotunda.



This year The Minnesota Kendama Open is partnering with the Kendama Institute, a nonprofit organization with a focus on educating youth and beyond about the mental, physical, social and emotional benefits of kendama. K.I. is committed to helping people of all ages and backgrounds build social and emotional resilience, while also discovering tools on how to transform failure into opportunities for growth, mindfulness and success.

Your donation to support the 2018 MKO will go directly to Kendama Institute which is a 501(c)3 tax exempt nonprofit organization.  Any funds raised from Sponsorship and Ticket Sales that exceed the cost of running the 2018 MKO will go directly to providing class sets and after school programs for underprivileged schools in the US. Excess funds will also provide opportunities for students to build a toolbox of skills to succeed throughout their life through the  principles of kendama. To learn more about what Kendama Institute is, how you or your company can get involved and what they are doing, please click the link below for more information.


New hoteL: BOOK A ROOM

We are excited to announce our new hotel/event space for this years MKO! We will be moving across the freeway to a bigger Double Tree Hilton to accommodate the growing MKO fan base that flies in every year! Sign up now with our promo code before all the good rooms get filled up!



  • T-Shirts are only included with Pre-Registration

  • We will not be accepting day of registration for Open, or Freestyle

  • Swag Bags included in all Registration Divisions, except Dama Blitz



* Now With Double Elimination*

Here are the rules:

Once a player loses a match in Open they will be added to the Losers Bracket. 

If the player loses a second match, they are completely eliminated from the competition. 

The winner of the Losers Bracket will face the winner of the standard bracket in the Finals. 

The Winner of the Losers Bracket needs to win 2 matches in the Final to be Champion, the winner of the Standard Bracket only needs to win Once in the Finals. 

1. Cliffhanger Flip Over the Valley - In

2. (Sara Grip) Kenflip Downspike - Down Whirlwind

3. 2 Turn Airplane Double J-stick

4. Gunslinger - Juggle - Late Gunslinger Spike

5. Switch Inward Lunar - In

6. 2 Tap - Jug - Spike

7. Juggle Spike -Double Earth Turn

8. Forward Spacewalk - Insta Trade Spike

9. Inward lunar - Tap Back Inward Lunar - tap back inward flip in

10. Spacewalk - Lighthouse - Tradespike

11. Cushion tap - Trade - Downspike Fasthands

12. Four Corners - Spike

13. Kenflip - Late Kenflip - Spike - Whirlwind - Late Kenflip - Spike

14. Double Gooncircle - Spike

15. Hippie Flip - Lighthouse - In

16. Inward Stilt Backflip - In

17. Candle -Juggle- Candle - Stuntplane

18. Around Handlestall - Spike

19. Inward Lunar -Triple tap back - Inward Lunar - In

20. Earth Turn - Front Earth Turn - UFO Earth Turn

21. Lighthouse - Flip - Insta - Insta - InstaFlip Trade Spike

22. Bird - Nod Off to Wing - Nod Off to Bird - Spike (Ken Grip Only)

23. Double Handlestall Flip - Spike

24. Airplane - 1.5 flip - Late Inward Kenflip - Spike

25. Stuntplane - Trade - Insta Double Kenflip - Spike

26. Double Gunslinger - Juggle -Double Late Kenflip -Spike

27. Double J-stick - Double Inward J-stick

28. 1.5 Kenflip - Downspike Fasthands

29. Underbird - Flip to Lighthouse - Tradespike

30. Inward Lunar - Tre Flip - In 31. Stilt - Trade Bottom - Trade Stilt - In

32. Penguin Nightengale - Front Earthturn - Sara Grip Nightengale - Spike

33. Scooping Goldfish - Insta Turntable - Spike



1. Lightning drop - Tradespike

2. Turntable, kenflip to spike

3. Double lunar flip, in

4. Lighthouse flip, inward lighthouse flip, in

5. Double whirlwind

6. Underbird, trade to airplane in

7. Double inward jumping stick

8. One turn airplane, 1.5 swap to spike

9. Airplane, double tap, back to spike

10. Opposite hand jumping stick

11. Spacewalk to lighthouse, instant trade spike

12. Around USA with inward earth turns

13. Bird over Valley flip to in

14. Double ken flip to spike

15. Stunt plane, swap ken flip

16. Gunslinger Spike - Gunslinger Spike

17. Inward Lunar Downspike

18. Juggle to Spike

19. Scooping Goldfish

20. Candle Trade Airplane



1. Bird over valley

2. Base cup down spike

3. Around the world // or japan( NDH)

4. Whirlwind

5. Space walk in

6. Around USA

7. Light house, lighthouse flip, in



1. Candlestick

2. Little Cup

3. Bottom Cup

4. Big Cup - knee bounce - Big Cup

5. Clack Back

6. Spike

7. Airplane





If you have a company, or non-profit and would like to support MKO in any way, please drop us your company name and email and we will send you the sponsorship package with all the options! We have many tiers of sponsorship and have room for companies of all sizes! Also you don't have to be a kendama company to participate!

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We always need help with MKO, it gets bigger every year and any volunteer work is much appreciated. If you can help us out with some of your time, the busiest part of each day is roughly between 12:00pm - 6:00pm.

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Please Let us know which days of the tournament you can work.




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